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We had a great time reading The Amazingly Awesome Amani and discussing Autism Awareness wi

The most amazing thing about creating stories is being able to share them!


We would love to make an appearance at your school, bookstore, library, festival or conference. Feel free to reach out to us via the button below. 


We pride ourselves on teaching life lessons in our books. We are available to bring a truly interactive experience with our children's and/or adult books to your classroom or assembly. Participants will receive a live reading of a T.A.S.K. book followed by a Q&A session. 

*per book

length of time: 45 min.

(pricing for multiple classrooms & assemblies upon request)

$600* (classroom)

There are a lot of important themes and life lessons we want to convey in the content we create. In our workshops, we will read and facilitate an in-depth discussion on one of our books/writing of your choice.


For children we will combine a reading of the book with an activity (i.e. drawing your own superhero) or craft based on the theme. Kids will share their work and discuss their feelings on topics of:

  • bullying

  • kindness

  • sharing

length of time: 45 min - 1 hr 

(*pricing for assembly upon request*)

$500 (per session)

We believe in the power of information! Our road has not been an easy one and we have overcome many obstacles on our autistic journey through experiencing trial and error.


It is our mission to bring what we have learned to parents who may be in denial or not know what to do after a diagnosis of ASD.


We also discuss tips for teachers who may not know how to approach a parent, discuss our journey and how speech, ABA, and occupational therapists helped us.

Q&A session follows all presentations

length of time: 45 min - 1 hr 


We love traveling to different places to share the joy and power of reading!


It is our mission to bring our characters to life so that kids of all ages can get lost in our books.


Allow us to bring a STORYTIME event to your bookstore!! 


(*consignment option available)


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